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Whether you’re seeing an escort for the first time or for the 100th time, proper etiquette is always mandatory. After all, you’re going to spend a special time with a very beautiful lady that will cater to your every need, so it’s only customary that you return the favor by at least respecting a few simple rules.

Check her details
Before contacting an escort, it’s very important that you check her details. Do not E-mail or call unless you’re genuinely interested in hiring her. Being friendly and respectful towards management is very important, since this is a business transaction. Stories concerning your elephantine manhood or your amazing sexual prowess won’t arouse anyone, and we’ve also heard all of them anyway. If the rates are too high, you should not haggle over the charges since management won’t change their mind. Being polite, after all, costs nothing.

Cleanliness is much appreciated by the escort so you need to pay close attention to cleaning your teeth, washing your private parts, and ensuring your overall personal hygiene is great before seeing the escort. If you have bad breath, then she won’t want to kiss you.

Be sure to shave
You should shave not only your face, but also down there. Ladies do not like to be “sanded-down” whenever they’re kissed and they won’t appreciate your bush either.

Put on clean underwear
Clean underwear is a must. If your underpants look like you’ve not changed them in days, then she won’t want to do anything with you.

Lastly, make sure you have the payment ready in cash. The donation should be placed in an envelope and left on the nightstand before the escort comes over.